What’s the Best Perfume For Men?

Good perfume for men is like a good wine, when it is great quality, it won’t come out of fashion, it will only become more and more popular. You can leave a killer first impression only with best perfumes for men on your skin.  Your choice in fragrance can make a difference  between a boy and a man.  So, choose the right perfume and let others see a man and not a boy.

When it comes to perfumes, your perfect choice should be the best perfume for men which will work with your skin and your whole body in harmony. I know it sounds crazy, but I am sure you all have had one or two perfumes that weren’t right, and you can’t explain why. It has something to do with you as a person, but it can also have something to do with your body. How? Simple. Like every other living thing, our body has a specific smell. I am not talking about odor you have when you come home from gym or run, I am talking about your body smell. This body smell isn’t bad, actually most of the people don’t sense it, but it can make your perfume smell better or even worse on your skin then on someone else. Due to that, picking best perfume for men can be tricky. So, how to do that?

How to pick best men’s perfume?

bond-9-chez-bondThe first question you should consider when buying a perfume is your relationship with that person. Do you know him? How much and if it is someone close to you, do you know what does he like? There are many best perfumes for men, with many different ingredients, so the variety is big.

You can always rely on that person’s lifestyle. If he is more into sports than into business,  or he is serious adult, all that you can use. You can use  as many information as you like. For example, if he is always in a great mood, making jokes, you know that light perfume with fruit details is great choice for him because it is as energetic as him. If he is more serious type, choose more masculine perfume, that has heavy details. A good perfume will accent matching personality in a proper manner. The best perfume for men will make the most out of him.

One thing we mustn’t forget when it comes to best perfumes for men and that is the price,  actually, can you afford it. If you really think that perfume is great present for someone but the one you like is too expensive, try the cheaper version. You can always buy a cologne that are usually cheaper, but you can do something else. This is some sort of a gamble, because it isn’t the real deal, but you can always buy the perfume you want, but not the original one. I know it isn’t the best idea, I am not a big fan of that idea, but it is a solution as well.

Good thing about perfumes is that they come in different bottle sizes. The smaller the bottle the cheaper the perfume, but the smaller bottle will not last as long as the big one.

If you don’t really know that person, you can always try with few classics that are tested on huge number of satisfied customers for ages. Some of them are Farenheit and Acqua di Gio. This classics are at the top of most wanted colognes for almost a decade now. Now, those two colognes are opening another question.

What is the difference between best  cologne and best men’s perfume?

Since we all know that perfume and cologne are fragrance products in which are mixed different animal- and plant-based esters that are dissolved in water and alcohol, so where lies the difference? The difference between cologne and perfume is precisely in this concentration of essential fragrances.

Perfume has the highest concentration of fragrances, which makes it last more on your skin, but it is also more expensive. The percent of essential fragrances is around 15% and 30%. Quality and best perfume for men are meant to stay on your skin from morning until dark, they are great if you want to feel fresh the entire day. There are perfumes for both men and women on the market and their fragrance is different.

Cologne is simpler than perfume, it has lower concentration of essential fragrances, which means it will stay on your skin for a shorter period of time, around a couple of hours. The percent of essential fragrances in cologne is around 2 and 5 percent, which makes them cheaper than perfumes. When it comes to gender, cologne is typically men’s fragrance and every cologne has some masculine scent in it. That is one thing that makes them special regarding to perfumes which are male, female and even for both.

There are other fragrances besides perfume and cologne, for example:  eau the toilette, eau fraiche and eau the parfum. All of them are between perfume and cologne when it comes to essential fragrance concentration.

Best perfume for men for present

Acqua Di Gio men's clogneOne perfume which is great for every occasion, it is on the market since 1996 and still has impressive number of satisfied customers and it is a product of leading men in fashion world, Giorgio Armani. We have mentioned it few times already on this page, and we will mention it few more because it is really a perfume that won’t leave you indifferent. It is Acqua dio Gio, a cologne that one can really use in every situation, anywhere. It is a perfume that has very unique smell, you will love it or hate it. Acqua di Gio has almost 20 years behind it, but it is still very popular. This tells you something, right?

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Best buy perfume for men

Cool Water by DavidoffAnother legend, it is on the market since 1988, which makes it an evergreen in fragrance department. It is sharp and very macho perfume. Some of the ingredients that are in this excellent fragrance are lavender, rosemary, coriander, jasmine and sandalwood.  This perfume last for a long time, you can still sense it at the end of the day, which can make you feel better, especially if you forget about it for a while and then you sense it all over again. Well, this is what you can expect from Davidoff and his Cool Water perfume.

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Top 5 Best Perfume For Men

Chez Bond by Bond no 9

CHEZ BOND by BOND NO 9This perfume is just like the name says, perfume for sexy and confident men. This perfume is on the market since 2003, so you we will say it is one of the younger perfumes on this list. This perfume has the potential to become new classic, it is very durable and long lasting perfume. The only downside of this perfume can be its price, which is rather high.  It consists of citruses, tea, sandalwood, cedar and even violet, which makes this perfume excellent.

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Gentlemen only by  Givenchy

Gentlemen only by  GivenchyThis perfume is a perfume that stands out in the river of good perfumes, but which are all similar. This one is the one that will wake up a man in you and make you stand out. It is made of spicy green mandarin, pink pepper and nutmeg.  It is different from other perfumes on this list because of this spicy fragrance, which gives it unique smell. This perfume is for gentlemen, so if you are one of them, this is for you. It is sexy, classy, elegant, in one word perfect. Like a gentleman is.

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Homme Sport by Christian Dior

Homme Sport by Christian DiorI am sure you all know about Christian Dior and that this products are good. This name is known in fashion world, not just for the best perfume for men. This perfume is on the market since 2008, but in the new Dior Homme Sport was launched. It was even better than the earlier version because it was more elegant, which was added with floral note of iris. Besides iris, this perfume has also Sicilian citrus and ginger which give it woody and powdery scent. It is all made in Italy which you can smell in its ingredients and this perfume has captured all Italian symbols in one little bottle.

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Light blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Light blue by Dolce & GabbanaItalians really know how to make perfumes and that is why this one is also on this list. This perfume has this version for women and what is great about it is that it has captured the spirit and freshness of Mediterranean see which is a paradise, great place on earth. When you put this perfume on your skin, you will feel fresh and new like you are on the sea side, during beautiful summer day. This fresh and energetic fragrance is a mixture of Sichuan pepper, rosemary muskwood and oak, with many more interesting fragrances.

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Escape by Calvin Klein

Escape by Calvin KleinCalvin Klein is a designer house famous for their masculine fashion and sexy way of showing it. This perfume is made in the same tone as other designs. It is fresh, sexy and energetic, it will fill you with energy the moment you put it on your skin. It was released on the market in 1993, but it is still rather popular fragrance. With ingredients like lavender, amber, mandarin and apple, this fragrance is great for any occasion.

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