What’s the Best Men’s Cologne? 

When it comes to taking care and beauty, men are much simpler than women. The most important part of their everyday care, besides toothbrush and a razor blade, is a cologne.

Every year, different companies are producing men’s colognes so the rivalry is big. When someone says that this cologne is the best men’s cologne, it really needs to be extra quality with few or non disadvantages. The best cologne for men nowadays on the market are from famous companies and they have million satisfied customers.


A men’s cologne is a fragrance lighter than perfume, which men use on the daily basis. It comes from essential of fragrance oils, usually a combination of water and alcohol. The thing with top cologne for men is that it lasts shorter than perfume, about couple of hours, due to the lighter combination of water and alcohol. Since the cologne is one of the few beauty products men use, it is essential that the best men’s cologne is good quality, doesn’t cause irritation and last, but not least, smells good.


It is pretty hard to say which one is the best, but there are colognes that are worth every penny, because not only will you be satisfied, but also everyone around you. When it comes to colognes, there are so many criteria top men’s cologne must meet to prove that this is one quality product. It isn’t necessarily the most expensive cologne, the best one.

If you want to choose your next cologne you can go to the store ask an expert or Google some colognes, but all in all, you are the one who will wear it so you need to see if it suits you.

We have made reviews of interesting best 5 colognes and we are talking about objective criteria, like design of the bottle, price, ingredients and at last overall opinion about this cologne. We can help you by narrowing your choice of cologne by your wishes and with that short list, you can go to the store, try every cologne and choose the best men’s cologne for you.

Best Classic Cologne For Men

Acqua di Gio is one of the best men’s cologne from Giorgio Armani. It is on the market since 1996 and from then it is one of the most favorite cologne in the world. There are years on the market behind this best cologne for men, which can show you its quality. It is the cologne you just can’t ignore. At first it has cool calabrian bergamot note and as the time passes by, the warm jasmine and rosemary aromas are showing. This ingredients gives this men’s cologne really exotic and attractive smell. The cologne is at the same time special and serious, made for business men who know what is success.

It is good choice for every occasion. It has serious smell, but with a dash of citrus which gives it the ability to blend in every situation. Your skin will absorb it very fast, but if you are planning to do some cardio or any other physical activity, it will dissapear fast. It will stay on your skin for about 5 hours, which makes it really durable cologne for men.

Best Men’s Cologne By Women

  • Eros by Versace
  • Great for summer
  • Sexy and daring smell
  • Durable, lasts for a couple of hours
  • Oriental notes

Top men’s cologne chosen by women is one rather young cologne. It is named after a Greek god of love, Eros and it is made by Versace. It is a fragrance for men who are strong, confident and know what they want. It is really someting you would expect from a cologne that is named Eros. When you apply this cologne you will feel better and really confident. It is made for summer which is hot and daring just like Eros by Versace, is.

Women love this best men’s cologne because it is daring, sexy, confident and they want their man to be like that. The best thing about this cologne is that it will surprise you. When you apply it, it will be great cologne, but after couple of hours, the smell will change and you will smell one excellent cologne.  This amazing cologne is made of green apple, fresh mint leaves, tonka bean, vanilla melds with cedarwood and moss.

Modern Classic In Top Cologne For Men

  • Burberry Brit
  • Released in 2004
  • Natural and green cologne
  • Powdery and spicy smell
  • Best suitable for evening

Burberry Brit for men was launched in 2004 and since that it is one of the best cologne for men. It is for men who like aromatic fruity fragrances. In top notes it has green madarin and ginger, in the middle wild roses, cedarwood, nutmeg and all that has base notes of oriental wood, grey musk and tonka bean. This cologne has spicy-sweet fragrance that grabs attention people around you. It is light enough for daily wear, but as suitable for evening as well.

When you first apply it you will feel ginger the most. After a while Burberry Brit becomes one great fragrance. This best men’s cologne is powdery and spicy which work in harmony making great fragrance. It is best to use it during colder days of autumm, winter or early spring. For late spring and summer it is a little too heavy cologne, due to the powdery scent.  The best effect is during rainy and foggy days, or nights.

Oldie But Goldie In Top Men’s Cologne 

Eternity by Calvin Klein is the oldest cologne in this best men’s cologne list. It was introduced to the world in 1989 and since then it has its share of admirers. You can see that this is really a quality cologne, when you see its date of release. Things that make this cologne so special and durable is its ingredients. Some of the ingredients are mandarin, lavender, basil, sandalwood and sage and this ingredients are mixed in perfect balance of sweet and at the same time, masculine cologne.

It is a very powerful fragrance, which is perfect for any occasion. It is rather strong fragrance, but iz doesn’t take long for this fragrance to become light citrus fragrance. It is for entire year, but its best reslut is during summer and warm days. Eternity by Calvin Klein  is cologne that will make you noticed everywhere you go. Like the name says, this men’s cologne will be attractive and wanted for an eternity.

Best Cologne For Young Men

  • Polo Black by Ralph Lauren
  • Clean and fresh smell
  • Wow factor for both men and women
  • Durable, it lasts for a couple of hours
  • For every occasion

Best men’s cologne choice by younger generation is Polo Black by Ralph Lauren, launched in 2005. Ralph Lauren is a designer that has many fragrances in this line named Polo, but this one is the best one. This cologne will bring attention to you, because it is complex in ingredients, but light in smell. Due to their ingredients it is a cologne that can be worn in many situations and it won’t let down.

Some of the ingredients in this top cologne for men are iced mango, Spanish sage, silver armoise, sandalwood, timberol and tonka bean. With this ingredients aren’t very common in perfume department in this combination, which makes Polo Black interesting and wanted. It is really durable perfume, if you apply it in the morning it will last almost until the late afternoon. Polo Black is one great quality cologne that will maek you feel great and smell great.


There are some tricks in applying best men’s cologne that can enhance its aroma which will lead to better effect. It is important to apply cologne on proper body part, like parts of you body that produce more body heat. Those parts are wrists and behind the ears. The most common body part men use cologne is chest and that is really good idea, especially if you are hugging someone.

If you can easily sweat, don’t use cologne to mask the odor, it will only make it worse, those two aromas will mix. There are many good deodorants on the market for that.

Don’t forget to put cologne on your body and not on your clothes, it will last longer on your skin than on your clothes. After all, this is best cologne for men, not for clothes.

The best way to apply cologne so it will smell like a charm is after a shower. Your skin is clean and it is good to use hot water in the shower so it will open your pores, which is great for your cologne. After a shower spray cologne on your body, but do it with some distance because otherwise it will be too strong and you’ll have to wind it up before the meeting.

One mistake everybody is doing while applying perfume or cologne is rubbing it on your skin. If you do that you will change the smell of the cologne and it will disappear faster. Dap it on your skin and let it sink in it won’t take too long. Make sure that people see you have  the best men’s cologne on you.